3D Need for Speed

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Basic Information

  • CMGE
  • Racing
  • 2.0.0
  • 2017-11-10
  • 8.84MB

About The Game

3D Need for Speed is a high competitive 3D car racing game with simple and convenient operation. You can drive a variety of world-class famous cars and be immersed in the sea of cars! 1、The game has 2 operation methods: Gravity and Touch. Tilt your phone left and right or touch the two sides of the screen to control the direction of the car. 2、When your car passes an acceleration arrow on the track, your car will accelerate instantly. Using acceleration items cleverly is the key to victory. 3、Tap the icon on the right can pick items on the track. 4、Super Coward can attack the car that is the closest to you ahead and make it decelerate. Don’t worry about missing the target, it has auto-aim function. 5、Thor's Bomb can attack the car behind you and make it decelerate. 6、You can buy more items from the shop and win the match. 7、There will be some gold bonus stages after you clear every a few levels. You can use the money earned in these stages to buy practical items.

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