I am Racer

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Basic Information

  • Chukong
  • Racing
  • 1.2.3
  • 2017-11-17
  • 29.63MB

About The Game

Start your engine - Race fast, speed furious, and be famous in the 2017 hot-blooded racing game 【I am Racer Revolution】! Your car is your avatar. Fine tune cars into a racing war machine and progress by bustling between concrete jungle, by the coastline, even at the dead desert. Despite the breathtaking scenery, each region comes with own set of surprises and obstacles. Prove yourself across all regions and show your fans, enemies and the ladies what it takes to be the champion of 【I am Racer Revolution】. Life is fast, why drive slow? Key features: 1)Seamless racing experience in your hand 2)Heart-pumping chases with chicks and cleavage 3)A playground of unpredictable missions 4)Create a racing mayhem with missles and bombs 5)Speed across the cutting edge visuals continents in 3D

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