War of Toys

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Basic Information

  • Broadx(Peking)Science and Technology Ltd.
  • Management Strategy
  • 2.2.14
  • 2018-02-01
  • 56.58MB

About The Game

"War of Toys "! is a war strategy game, in the game world you will play a child, led your toy soldiers together against the evil toy . Bedrooms, corridors, living rooms, kitchens, yards, these familiar places, are now the enemy's territory, waiting for something, go back to that time of dreams, and fight with your once toy soldiers. Game features: 1、Unique art style 2、Unique combat systems 3、More develop space to grow up 4、Find a friend and you have the same like toy soldiers, play together, together to compete strategy You can enter the arena, there are countless friends like you with infinite wisdom and skills, beat them, take away the trophies that belong to the victors, and eventually you will become the king of toy soldiers.

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