Deadly Motor 3D

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Basic Information

  • youle
  • Racing
  • 1.0.3
  • 2018-05-22
  • 43.33MB

About The Game

Deadly Motor3D - is a racing game where you can drive the world's luxury motorcycles and race cars. Rich gameplay, multi-mode competition, super-all-around battle, super cool props, let you experience unprecedented excitement! Upgrade your car and immediately accelerate to orgasm! Realistic scenes and cool music are like taking you around the world and experiencing every quick challenge! The combination of speed and passion makes you cool! - Level scenes Gorgeous realistic scenes - The game uses a classic horizontal version of the game, the game style using realistic 3D scene style, realistic scene level, giving players a real motorcycle experience. - Diversified vehicles, rich scenes - There are 10 cars in the game, you can choose your favorite vehicle to challenge the various modes to get the stars to cross the border, enter the next mysterious journey competition, a showdown, realistic three-dimensional scene and humanized operation design left a deep impression The impressions that simulate the real track and scene are vivid and vivid. At the same time, the racer and all kinds of vehicles are not inferior and they are quite authentic. - Simple operation Upgrade advanced - Players get gold coins in the game, evolve your vehicle, buy props by upgrading. The game is simple, the game has manual operation and gravity sensing, realistic scenes, with you to experience lifelike body Experience the racing experience and the thrill of racing, and join the team of 3D motorcycles. Will you dare to come? Update tips 1. Version upgrade, the game is more smooth; 2. Update player rankings; 3. Update 7 scenes. All scenes are more optimized and more real and clear 4. Update the vehicle's special effects, faster speeds and faster vehicle acceleration; 5. Increase the rotation of the vehicle in the air, allowing you to experience different racing experience; 6. The shape of the last four cars added parts and the vehicles were cooler. 7. Increase the automatic attack on the enemy, the player will automatically attack the opponent, easier to get the first;

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